Why choose us?

Customer service is our top priority at High Technology . We are in business to provide you professional services and access to quality new equipment, rental equipment and accessories. With our large inventory of equipment, we can accommodate all of your audio-visual needs. Our full-service approach means that we assist you every step of the way, including planning of your event, delivery, set-up and on-site technical assistance. .

High Technology, offers the most cost-effective way for companies to meet the changing demands of their on-site meetings and presentation technology. we have a large inventory of A/V equipment to meet your needs . Whether its for small gathering or a large multi-media presentation to hundreds of people , we can accommodate you.


Our Clients

  • Red Bull Red Bull
  • Egyptian Women's Dermatologic Socity Egyptian Women's Dermatologic Socity
  • Pfizer Pfizer
  • GlaxoSmithKline GlaxoSmithKline
  • Twinning Twinning
  • Telecom Egypt Telecom Egypt
  • Xolair Xolair
  • Levemir Levemir
  • Wincor Wincor